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Fleet Financing

Mahandru Associates provides complete range of Commercial Fleet Financing and Fleet Management Services to help you save time and money and reduce environmental impact.
Our tailored solutions address the lifecycle of the fleet from strategic planning and financing to management and remarketing to generate the maximum return on the investment.
Mahandru Associates renders its fleet financing services to the below mentioned areas:

  • Individual Auto Financing
  • Commercial / SME Fleet Financing
  • Corporate Fleet Financing

We provide you the benefits of the big guys while maintaining the personalized service that you need. Our full suite of vehicle management solutions are tailored to support your growth while saving you time and money.
Company vehicles are a key asset that can help ensure a prosperous future for the business. We can make this a reality. We offer a range of programs and services designed by experts in the field to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize the value of your company vehicles.
When its time to get new company vehicles, a flexible, cost-effective financing makes sense for the business. Mahandru Associates is capacitated to arrange a variety of fleet for your business. We bring our financial experience and strength to help make your financing decisions easy, straightforward and profitable

Categories of Fleets:
Major Fleet categories / types are mentioned below which may fulfill your business requirements to achieve growth goals.

  • Light Transport Vehicle (LTV)
  • Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV)
  • Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV)
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV)
  • Light Earth Moving Machinery (LEM)
  • Medium Earth Moving Machinery (MEM)
  • Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEM)

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